How To Use Makeup To Hide Flaws And Bring Out Features

Posted on: 16 March 2015


If you are interested giving yourself a youthful but natural appearance, and you are trying to hide skin flaws in the process, using makeup can help in this process. Even if you are a male, you can use makeup subtly, giving you the look you desire. It is not difficult to use makeup. Here are some tips you can use to help hide skin blemishes and bring out your best features.

Skin Care

When using makeup, it is best to use it on skin that is clean and moisturized. Doing a daily regime of washing, exfoliating and moisturizing will keep skin looking healthy and will help it to retain its elasticity. Taking the time to do this will help keep skin from having impurities that get trapped inside pores, making makeup appear less natural when it is applied. Skin care products should be applied after shaving to help relieve the skin from redness or puffiness.

Foundation And Concealer

Using skin-toned powder or liquid makeup on the face can help to hide areas that have acne, redness, scars, and other skin problems that you want to cover. To achieve these results, first use liquid makeup to conceal the spots you are trying to eliminate from being seen. Dab a small amount of the liquid onto your finger and blend it over the spots in question.

Afterward, use a powder makeup and brush it over your entire face. Do so sparingly, using quick, light brush strokes so that the color does not overpower your skin. If you only use liquid, it may streak if it gets wet. Powder will help keep this from happening, but cannot cover the flaws as well. The combination of both liquid and powder works best.

Eyebrow Color And Mascara

Men can use an eyebrow pencil to help fill in areas where hair is not prevalent. Brush the pencil over patches where you would like the appearance of hair. It can be used to fill in parts of eyebrows, mustaches or beards where the hair does not grow in properly.

Some men enjoy using mascara to slightly highlight their lashes. If you buy a makeup especially formulated for male usage, it will be composed of material that is hardy enough to withstand touching or brushing of the hands against the eye area. When using mascara, brush on a light coating to add a hint more color to your natural lashes.