Not All Mineral Makeups Are Created Equal

Posted on: 18 May 2015


Mineral makeup is all the rage these days. It looks great and has become very popular. People love it because it gives a natural look and is supposed to also help revitalize skin because of how natural it is. However, there is a difference between mineral makeup and natural mineral makeup. Natural mineral makeup will present a lot more benefits that normal mineral makeup. Natural mineral makeup is also called organic makeup due to the fact that only natural ingredients are used. So what are the differences between mineral makeup and natural mineral makeup?

Differences between Mineral Makeup and Natural Mineral Makeup

1. Vitamins. Natural mineral makeup contains vitamins and oils that are good for your skin. Normal mineral makeup products that are not all natural will not provide the same level of nutrients for the skin.

2. Use of Synthetics. Many mineral makeups will use synthetic substances. One such substance is known as paraben. This is a man mad preservative that can have ill effects. It is even know to cause premature aging which can make the skin look older. There are a number of other negative health effects as well. Natural mineral makeups do not contain these harmful substances.

3. Made from Clean Plants. An all-natural mineral makeup will contain minerals made up from plants that are free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other harmful substances that can harm your skin. Because normal mineral makeup does not necessarily abide by these standards, there may be harmful substances that are included in the makeup.

4. Talc Free. Natural mineral makeup does not contain talc. Normal mineral makeups may contain talc which can be bad for the skin. It has even been reported that talc can lead to some forms of cancer. By not using a makeup that uses talc, you will cut down on your exposure to potentially cancer causing minerals that are not good for you.

Although it is mineral makeup, it does not mean that it is natural or even good for your skin. When purchasing mineral makeup, it is a great idea to find the makeup that is completely natural. This will give the best benefits to your skin. You will find that the natural mineral makeup will absorb more oils, last longer, provide protection from UV rays, reduce the signs of aging and give you overall healthier skin. These are great benefits that natural mineral makeup can provide.