How To Wear Your Favorite Nail Polish Hues In A Professional Manner

Posted on: 8 September 2016


Whether you love glittery nails or like to make a statement with multiple hues, your nail polish says a lot about your personality. If you want to sport decorated nails at work while still being taken seriously at your job, you need to incorporate professionalism in your style. Here are ways you can wear all your favorite hues (even desert night sky with black glitter) without compromising your professional appeal.

Get a little tips-y

When it comes to glittery hues or polka dot patterns, less is definitely more. If you love whimsical nail polish, then place designs, decals, and glittery accents on the tips only, leaving the remainder of your nails either bare or covered in a neutral tone (tan, off-white, or even a light rosy pink). This way, your colorful nail personality is expressed without being over the top, allowing you to feel trendy while at work rather than overwhelming.

Don't get all the digits

If you love outrageous hues, such as neon orange or vibrant pink, you may be sporting a bit too much color for the office. To avoid a juvenile look rather than a quirky appeal, consider painting only a few of your nails in your more standout colors while adorning the rest of your nails in a cool denim blue, slate gay, or even a light gold. The color contrast makes your nails look fun and inviting rather than too childish for work. Try to limit very vibrant nails to one or two on each hand, preferably the same digit on each, to keep the chic look going strong.

Keep chips in line

Use a strong top coat to keep your many layers of nail polish from chipping or cracking. Nothing makes nails look less professional than worn or chipped polish, which is not hard to accomplish when you are typing all day or constantly working with your hands. If you need to, touch up your polish while you are on your lunch break to keep your colors fresh, or keep handy polish removing wipes (they come in scents that are pleasing, like pineapple or coconut) in your purse so you can quickly erase any faux pas before anyone notices.

You can have gorgeous nails at work without having to compromise your favorite style. Whether you like to don a new hue every single day or you have a signature color you aren't willing to give up, there are ways you can express yourself in a positive way from your fingernails to your toes. For more information, contact Enchanted Polish or a similar company.